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Quick Review: Revolution – 2.11 – Mis Dos Padres

The run down? We know a tiny tinie bit more about the tech. Miles and Bass really need to stop getting into fights. Connor is a softy, kinda. Charlie is just done with everyone and so is Jason.

You want more? Okay look below the cut my children, look below the cut

The Nevilles in DC

Let’s just get this out of the way right now. Basically Tom thinks that Julia is only in this whole scheme for herself and doesn’t care about him or Jason anymore. I think he is right about him, I hope she still cares about Jason. However, she might not have to care about him for that much longer. Jason, when will you learn! He broke into the office of his “step-dad” and stole a bunch of papers that show what the Patriots are planning to do to people with those retraining camps. Sadly he is just not good at covert operations and the Patriots figured out he broke into the office. Julia and Tom are trying to figure out what to do with him but it is too late. He is carted off by the Patriots, again, probably back to the retraining camp for him.

Spring Time City

Everything is coming up roses for Aaron. Okay not really. But he finds out from our good old pal Grace that since they stole the code for the tech from him that he is basically the daddy for the tech. That means that his ex-wife Priscilla is the tech’s mommy. The tech brought them both to Spring City. Which actually made Priscilla’s new husband leave her and take the kids but that is beside the point. The tech is everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!!  Yeah that is really all we learned about the tech.

Meanwhile in Mexico

Miles tries to break Bass out from the drug lord that Connor, his son, handed him over too. Things don’t go as planned though because Bass is like, no I can’t leave my boy. Both of them end up in a cell together. MILOE TIME!!!! Oh and then there is this whole thing where Connor has to whip Bass, yeah that happened. Weird part is it was also hard for Rachel to watch too. Interesting… Why was she there? Well, she is going to try to break out everyone now, and she almost manages to with Connor’s help, but alas they are caught. The drug lord daddy is very unhappy with Connor. A fight ensues and Bass, Connor, Miles, and Rachel end up having to flee. Father and son making a wonderful plan to take back the Republic, because nothing says family bonding like killing people and taking names.

Waiting in Willoughby

The Patriots are up to something! No they really actually are, and Grandpa Gene is not very happy about it because they have his friend. He decided to go against Charlie’s good judgment ant tries to get his friend back, and is almost saved by Charlie, only they are in a Patriot camp so that wasn’t going to go well. Guess who shows up, our friend Ed, and by friend I mean lying back stabbing people poisoning son of a bitch. He says that they are building the camp to deal with an outbreak. Yeah, one that you caused with those damned oranges!

Overall Rating: B

We went up this week! It did not feel as choppy as last week and there was some character development for Bass! Aww yay! Of course the highlight of the episode again was all of the Miloe stuff. They were awesome, and if you were following me while I live blogged on tumblr you would have seen some of the wonderful quotes they had. I am sad though because I think the time is almost up for one Revolutionary, if you want you can stop by the comments or ask to speculate on which one it is. Until next week my friends!

The Shipper Report

Miloe: Nothing says relationship building like being put in a jail cell together. So many good quotes, and the fight scene with them was awesome!

Riles: We saved him now can we cuddle


Jarlie:… Although who else for have a second thought that that was a retraining, or reprogramming camp like the one that Jason went to? I swear I thought they were both going to have gone through the same treatment which would give them something to bond about later. That didn’t happen though so…

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Quick Review: Revolution – 2.10 – The Three Amigos

Well… Then… Okay…

We saw pretty much everyone and their father. No literally, Grandpa Gene is back, woohoo!

You want more? Check out the cut my friends, check out the cut

So we start of the episode looking at the charred remains of Patriots and that Patriot leader, he is not happy. Oops!

Meanwhile a daring rescue is taking place, Gene is saved by Bass and Charlie. Leaving Gene only a little confused because Bass is suppose to be dead right? Yeah, not so much. The long and short of it is that Gene #SavedTheHandOfMiles!!! And Miles is getting better. Only water makes him sick, just in case you didn’t know that.

The Lime and The Coconut

Not two minutes after he is cured Miles, Bass, and Rachel set off to find Bass’s son Connor, who is in Mexico of all places, tequila! Connor works for the cartel down there and is totally not impressed when he meets daddy. Bass tries to talk him into going with him to get back the Republic but Connor’s not taking the bait (get it, because bass is a fish, yes, I make myself laugh). Connor’s cartel buddies drag off Bass to talk to the Boss. Now poor Rachel, who didn’t even want to be there in the first place, has to help Miles rescue Bass. From saving one daddy to saving another, total symmetry.

Black and Blue

You would think that looking after Aaron would be a simple job. Nope, Charlie and Gene, whom were tasked looking after stay puft, manage to lose him. So they decide to see what the Patriots are up to instead, because that is totally going to bring Aaron back. Anyway, Charlie does a fair bit of killing without pause, she is such a meanie, and shocks Grandpa. What, he thought that she was going to cuddle them? Their reward, oranges, lots and lots of oranges. What are these oranges for you ask? To put strange clear liquid in so that the Patriots can probably mind control people, or kill them, it’s a tossup really. I’m sure we will find out later.

Aaron has made his way to Spring City, he found Grace there. Yay friends!

The Whitehouse

Neville is totally being out-Nevilled by Julia. She made him kill some guy who is ahead of her current husband for the Chief of Staff job. Meanwhile their son is actually doing something that will probably be useful and get him killed. He opened up some documents and did some reading. Tisk, tisk, tisk, those weren’t for you Jason. I hear there is a wagon with your name on it and it’s heading back to that training facility (actually that is just me saying that, I really have no idea).

Overall Rating: B-

THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON THAT MY BRAIN HURTS!!!! I don’t mind when things move fast in this show, it is good that they do, but this was a little much. I really think we could have cut the whole Neville thing and left that for next week. Whatever though, that is just me. The best part of the episode was totally seeing Bass and Miles interact with each other.  They were awesome and totally had the best lines out of everyone. Miloe for the win!

Shipper Report:

Miloe: Gotta save the hand of Miles. Saved the hand of Miles. ROAD TRIP!

Riles: Really you want me to go save your BFF’s son? Fine, but after this we cuddle.

Charloe: Rescue operation: Silver and Black and Blue aka Save Grandpa Gene

Jarlie: …

Elijah Mikaelson

Quick Review: The Originals – 1.09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Oh boy!  How do I even start this one?  UGH!!!  I just do not know.

Everyone showed up to dinner, some people had food, some people had blood, and some people walked away from the table being totally unfilled.  Sounds a lot like a traditional Thanksgiving right?

Okay the snapshot:  Everyone was in this episode, literally everyone and their mother, okay at least their father.  M3, Hayley, Marcel, Davina, Cami, that Father guy whose name I keep forgetting, various vampires, some werewolves that Hayley is related to, and some humans.  Pretty much all “important” humans besides Cami and her uncle die.  Everyone else makes it through the episode in pretty good shape.

Oh you want more?  You know what to do

Mikaelson Manor, both of them.

We start off at the Casa da Mikaelson Primo.  Klaus is having a huge reconnoiter with his new vampy brothers and sisters.  No one trusts each other, at all.  But they all put on a good front and the only one who has a slight temper is Hayley.  But that could be because Klaus ordered everyone to go out and kill of her living werewolf relatives.  That would make anyone upset, right?  Meanwhile Klaus is also ordering the dismantle of Segundo   Mikaelson (I always new my Spanish would come in handy) much to Bex annoyance, she paid for some of that stuff.  Elijah reminds her she never paid for anything in her life but it’s the principle of the matter, clearly.  They both go off to check on the baby mama.  Bex is totally amused by Elijah being in love with Hayley but she is willing to play dumb for while, at least until it means she has to go back to the swamp.  Seriously, who wouldn’t draw the line at the swamp!

Klaus though seemingly unaware of what his half-sibs are up to and goes on his merry way mucking about Marcel’s kingdom with Marcel tagging along for shits and giggles.   A few vampires die and as a result the “council” of New Orleans dies as well.  Except Cami’s uncle of course, cause that would totally ruin any chance of them hooking up.  Cami isn’t an slouch though, she has been recording her sessions with Klaus and is now clued into everything that is going, well for all of five minutes.  Since she spilled the beans to her uncle that she knows the sky is blue and full of vampires well he tells Klaus.  Whom then compels her to leave New Orleans and forget all about him.  They had a moment of course, which I do not think will make up for the all the crap that he has done to her mind.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention. Davina runs to Cami in her hour of need, she found out that Marcel is lying to her and decides to run away from all vampries, and realizing that Cami has been compelled uncompelles her, very painfully.

That sound you hear? Those are the screams of people who were denied what they wanted

How fair the other Mikaelson kin you ask?  Well they go out to do some brother and sisterly bonding on the behest of Hayley.  She does not want her werewolf family to die and Elijah is more than willing to help out.  As mentioned previously Bex really could care less about the werewolves but she goes long for the ride.  Her real purpose seems to be to ferret out the truth from Elijah, that he has a THANG for Miss Hayley.  He all but admits it but alas they are interrupted by the vampires that are sent to kill the werewolves.  Foiled again!  Elijah stops the vamps and makes an interesting find, that we don’t find out about until a few scenes later.  Turns out that some of the wolves that have assembled actually are decedents from the same line of wolves that Klaus’s daddy is from.  Klaus reacts to the news with his usual, no one cares about me, I am done with everyone, attitude.  Which lasts long enough for all of those Hayley and Elijah shippers to throw themselves off the balcony at the end of the moment those to had together.  The UST was thicker than pea soup but Elijah apparently is worried about his virtue, oh wait, I mean Hayley’s life, right…  Anyway after his little “encounter” with Hayley he pops in to visit Klaus who basically says, you know brother I want you to live here, and bring Bex too.  Totally overriding what he said not 10 minutes ago, seriously it was probably less than 10 minutes.

Whom is gonna be shacking up with whom?  Well we won’t find out for several weeks so don’t go holding your breath okay, it’s really not healthy for you.

Overall Score: C

There were some very good lines in there, seriously good ones.  But the episode was choppy at best, it really tried to fit too much in at once.  At worst they stuck in stuff to fill up the time, but I’ll let you decided.  Klaus seriously needs to do something about his Dissociative Identity Disorder; he is giving me whiplash, seriously.  I cannot tell if he is being OOC or if he is just nuts.  Oh Cami, falling for a guy just because he was strung up and beaten by his dad, no girl, stay strong!  This is the same man, er vampire, who wiped all your memories and slaughtered a whole bunch of young adult hybrid vamp/wolves because they would no longer listen to him.

I actually liked Bex this episode, a totally first!  Seriously, she called Marcel on his shit.  She called Elijah on his shit.  She was actually doing a very good job of standing up on her own two feet.  Go Bex!

Davina and that other kid, they really should just skip town.  Hasn’t anyone heard of the Greyhoud?  Seriously!  Take Hayley and Elijah with you too, everyone should just leave New Orleans, get while the getting is good.

Yeah, I was kind of bored through most of the episode, I don’t think there was really stuff that didn’t need to be there but it could have been made more interesting, so that’s why the C, and no plus.  See y’all next time.

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Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – 03.09 Save Henry

Was it just me or did anyone else go, but we already this part when Once started?

The quick recap: Henry doesn’t have a heart, everyone in his family is trying to get it back to him, except Pan, that’s right Peter Pan is Henry’s Great Grand Dad.  There are also some Lost Boys and a good dose of Regina.  You want more? You know what to do

The Return of a Heart

This is going to be quick because I really do not feel like spending much time on this part.  Everyone bands together to try to get the Lost Boys to tell them where Pan is.  Regina, Snow, and Emma go after Pan.  Regina, because she has no heart at least that is my theory, is able to avoid Pan’s trap and get Henry’s heart back.  As an added bonus she also gets the box that Rumple was in.  Woohoo!!!  The heart is returned to Henry and Regina puts some super glue spell over it so it can’t come out again.  Too bad because Pan just missed his moment, he want the heart back.  Luckily Rumple is freed from the box and is able to “feel” Pan on board.  As Pan is trying to take Henry’s shadow Rumple shows up with the box and traps Pan, sort of.  While Pan is being trapped his eyes go all glowy and Henry’s eyes go all glowy so that means something is totally up.  That’s right lovely people, the WORST RESCUE EVER, is still pretty bad.  Henry is now body swapped with Pan so it’s Henry in the box not Pan.  Why do people always end up in boxes?!?

Regina Mills: Loving Mother

This was my favorite part of the episode and I was surprised.  Mostly Regina flashbacks tend to annoy me.  I do not know why but they do.  Anyway seeing her adopt Henry and finally open herself up to loving him, well it was just wonderful.  Of course now it makes me feel torn about Emma’s relationship with Henry.  Regina really does love him so what right does Emma have to try to take him away?  Hopefully they will find a balance though, right?  Yeah I’m not holding my breath either.  However, it was nice to see the more human side of Regina.  Anyone else want to know what that potion was that she took?  I am not really sure what was going on with that but give me your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Overall Score: C+

Mostly because you made me wait two weeks?!?!  For this!  And Henry still isn’t rescued!  Worst rescue team ever.  Seriously people if you ever get kidnapped do not ask for the Charmings et al to come to your aid.  You’ll likely end up in a tiny box and in your great grand dad’s body.  What really gives it the plus was the fact that we got to see a more human side of Regina and what she was like when she first got Henry.  I really enjoyed that and while I’m not sure it really added much to the story it was still nice to see that she was able to give the boy love.  Which I guess totally negates my previously mentioned theory about her not having a heart.  Oh well, I try.

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Bass Charlie

Quick Review: Revolution – 2.09 Everyone Says I Love You

Well, that just was straight out of left field.  Okay not really but still.  Here is a little paragraph about the happenings for tonight:

Aaron and Cynthia escape!  Charlie prefects the art of tracking while snarky.  Miles really needs to find a doctor and so does Rachel.  Bass makes some interesting choices.  Tom and Jason see things that cannot be unseen.

You want more?  You know what to do…

The Big Damn Heroes

So the whole opening could have been compressed down because really, if you didn’t realize that Aaron and Cynthia got away then  you are like at stealth level for avoiding spoilers.  Anyway Miles, Charlie, and Rachel find out that everyone in the compound they are about to storm is knocked out cold.  They go him and find that Aaron and Cynthia are gone.  However, Charlie has become a super tracker, way better than Miles, um when did that happen, and is able to get them on the path to Aaron and Cynthia.

They are almost caught by the Patriots, after Charlie looses the trail, but Monroe shows up and lends them a helping sword.  Monroe wants to part ways though right away but Miles won’t let him (if it’s love…).  Apparently, Miles is about to kick it because of the way his arm is NOT healing.  Monroe is forced to help them get Aaron back because he wants access to his son.

They manage to track down where Aaron and Cynthia are, but they do not put eyes on the pair.  Aaron is too busy having some moments stolen out of Six Sense to notice that his friends are around to rescue him.  It turns out that the nanotech is starting to get some sentience, in the form of a creepy kid.  Aaron however has not seen enough movies to know that you never piss of the creepy kid, never! He also asks the Tech not to kill anymore and to LEAVE HIM ALONE.  As a result when the Patriots do storm the high school that they are hiding out in the Tech is not around to help out.  Horn wants Aaron to use the Tech to heal him, but since Aaron told the Tech to buzz off Horn ends up putting a bullet in Cynthia instead.  So Aaron tells the Tech to kill everyone.  The Tech complies and then is like, you be psycho, peace out sucker!  Not before asking the simple question, why didn’t you just ask me to heal [Cynthia], ouch!  Aaron is just making all kinds of bad judgment calls.  On the plus side, well depending how you look at it, Calvin Horn is dead.

While this is going on our heroes, plus Monroe, split up to try to find Aaron.  Did I mention that they never find him?  THEY NEVER FIND HIM!  Second worst rescue this week (see my Once Upon A Time Review for the WORST rescue this week).  Miles and Rachel go one way, oh FYI, SHE WAS CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND WITH MILES! AKA MILES’S BROTHER!  Ben (the now dead brother) should so come back and haut them.  So they end up corned in a room, Miles is basically dying because of the infection in his hand, and tells Rachel it has always been her.  He’s not dead yet though.  Although since Aaron sent the Tech away I think that arm is not going to stick around.

Charlie and Monroe do a fairly good job of trying to find Aaron and Cynthia.  Until they basically get cornered and while she is on one side of a hallway and he is on the other Monroe pulls a vanishing act.  Seriously, he gives her this look and then is gone.  Don’t worry, he came back, just in time too.  Charlie, even though she is a good tracker, apparently is also very good at getting captured by people that she does not want to be captured by.  So while Charlie and Monroe are fighting off the Patriots in one room and Miles and Rachel are doing the same in the other all of the Patriots in the building just catch on fire.  No big deal, it probably won’t happen again since the Tech left Aaron, right?  Maybe?  Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for that one.

The Nevilles

This is going to be super quick.  The Neville boys board a train that is heading to the White House so that they can kill the President.  While on the train Tom sees Julia, his wife that is supposed to be died!  She is alive and just as power crazy as ever.  She ended up marrying another man to survive, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping Tom’s bones the second they see each other.  After their tryst in the train car Julia tells Tom not to kill the President because they still can get everything they ever wanted.  Personally I think you all should just run away together and be a family but hey if you want to go for complete domination that is your call.  Jason also gets to see his mom, aww cute!  But was I the only thinking, oh man he is going to kill her new husband before the train stops?  That would totally put a kink in Julia and Tom’s government domination plan.

Overall Score: B

Not as mainly good one-liners tonight so that brought down the score.  This episode moved fairly quickly and there was only one needless and annoying flashback so props for that.  I really don’t think I needed to see the Nevilles in this episode but maybe I am wrong.  Aaron, seriously, someone needs to help him reevaluate his life choices if he is going to stay on this show.  Oh but since the Tech left him does that mean he can die now?  Hmm….  This may not be a popular opinion but frankly I am glad that Aaron killed Horn, it was about damn time!

If you are a Miloe Shipper:  Seriously, Monroe stayed because he saw sick Miles was.  THERE WAS TOUCHING!  And Monroe called Miles a puppy.

If you are a Charloe Shipper: You came back.  Seriously, that is all you needed for me to write, okay. YOU CAME BACK!

If you ship Miles and Rachel: They are canon, even though it makes me super frustrated because she was married and to his brother no less.    IT IS/WAS YOUR BROTHER MILES!

If you are a Jarlie Shipper:  Smile boy, we’re going to the White House.  Yeah, I just liked that line.  Sorry, hanging in there, maybe Texas is the next stop after the White House.


Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – 3.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

Let me start off by throwing my hands up in the air.  I am done!  Seriously, this show has the worst track record for positive resolution!  Yes, there was resolution but still.  UGH!

The  Quickfire Lowdown: O-M-G they actually storm Pan’s camp.  Unfortunately he is not there, bummer.  Pan has taken Henry to Skull Rock (insert gifset parallel here, not that I have one).  Wendy only cares about saving her Brothers.  No one believes Rumple.  Emma does magic. The show ends with “#SaveHenry”.  Oh and we will be back in two weeks, so that’s after the U.S. Thanksgiving for those of you playing at home.
You want more you say? Well be warned, this will probably end up being more of a rant than a review.

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Quick Review: Revolution – 2.08 Come Blow Your Horn

More like come waste 60 minutes of my life!  To say that I was unimpressed with this episode is putting it mildly.  Especially after last week’s episode where the entire thing revolved around characters that I was just not really that interested in.

So here is the low down: Aaron gets kidnapped.  Gene gets kidnapped.  Tom and Jason exercise their right to manipulate and torture. The Matheson Clan does some cooking and kidnapping.  Monroe is around for about two seconds, seriously, if you blinked you probably missed him.  Horn has daddy issues.

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