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Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – 3.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

Let me start off by throwing my hands up in the air.  I am done!  Seriously, this show has the worst track record for positive resolution!  Yes, there was resolution but still.  UGH!

The  Quickfire Lowdown: O-M-G they actually storm Pan’s camp.  Unfortunately he is not there, bummer.  Pan has taken Henry to Skull Rock (insert gifset parallel here, not that I have one).  Wendy only cares about saving her Brothers.  No one believes Rumple.  Emma does magic. The show ends with “#SaveHenry”.  Oh and we will be back in two weeks, so that’s after the U.S. Thanksgiving for those of you playing at home.
You want more you say? Well be warned, this will probably end up being more of a rant than a review.


As a kid Rumplestiltskin is pretty much the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life!  No seriously, I want to get a pocket baby Rumple and carry him around with me forever.  Someone please make this happen.  Anyway, he actually has a really sad and tragic story, shocker.  The quick version, his father is a cheat and a drunk.  He thinks that by going somewhere new with his dad they can start over again.  Oh parallel to Baelfire and Rumple’s relationship anyone?  Rumple and his dad end up in Neverland.  His dad is totally  not winning any father of the year awards any time soon, why you ask?  Well he gave up his son in order to stay young, but not forever, just until a giant hour glass runs out.  Unless he can find a different way…  Oh and if you didn’t already guess it, Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin’s dad.  I mean I did not guess it either until he was like: I have to give you up.  So yay for Once keeping that one a good surprise; but boo for the fact that a grown man can’t mature enough to not want to kill his own great grandson to stay young forever.  Family means nothing to him.

Present Day Neverland

Regina and Rumple meet up with the Charmings et all.  Bae reveals to everyone that Rumple does not plan to save Henry, he plans to kill Henry.  Umm, no, the man never planned to kill Henry, at least not this season.  Of course everyone believes Bae because hello, it’s Rumplestiltskin.  Bae force’s his dad to hand over Pandor’s Box and they all make their way to the camp where Pan is.  Emma finds out that Snow is thinking of staying here in Neverland with Charming, thus leaving her alone again.  She asks Rumple for help and he is about to agree if she is willing to pay a price.  Bae shuts him down and says that he is going to help save David because it is the right thing to do, Rumple agrees.  See, he is trying to change, maybe.

Rumple also has agreed not to use magic at all.  So Regina is forced to put all of the Lost Boys under a lights out spell.  That’s when they find out that Pan isn’t there, of course.  Wendy is though and eventually she caves and tells them where Pan is taking Henry and that in order to save himself Pan is going to kill Henry.  Let’s fast-forward a little bit to Regina, Rumple, Bae, and Emma getting to the island.  Rumple is the only one who can get through the magic barrier that Pan has put up.  He goes through with Pandor’s Box and tries to stop Pan.  But it turns out that Pan has nicked the box and Rumple ends up in the box.  BOO!!!

Meanwhile Regina and Emma are using magic to block the moon from making shadows.  Good thing since they are clearly the ones that are going to have to save Henry, from himself no less.  Henry wants to be a hero so bad that he literally rips out his own heart.  Emma, Regina, and Bae try to convince him that Pan is lying to him and that he needs to put his heart back where it belongs.  He doesn’t listen to them and gives his heart to Pan.  I am sorry, but how did this kid think that he was going to live without a heart?  I just need to know this.

Overall Rating: B-

Once really just not have enough good one liners; they need to work on that.  Anyway, even though I DID NOT like how this episode ended I do have give them props for their big plot twist.  Peter Pan is the grand patriarch of the Rumple family.  I really did not see that coming until the end.  I actually thought that when Rumple said that Pan destroyed his father he meant that his father was going to be killed for his obsession with wanting to fly.  That was a very good twist.  Baby Rumple was seriously the highlight of the show.  If they bring him back more often I think it will only help!  Can I adopt him? Please?

Finally, finally, finally Emma and the rest catch up with Henry.  Woohoo!  Henry dies, again.  Boo!  I know this show is about magic and stuff but killing the kid twice, really?  I am sure they will save him though.  I am not sure I will like what they will have to do to save him.  Still #SaveHenry.  Laterz!

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